Best Buy! Festive Buy!

Angel holding a stone with a matching color as its wings.
Height: Around 1.8cm

Price: $9.90
Promotion: Buy 2 Angels or Christmas Trees and get the 3rd one at half price!!
Perfect door gifts for parties and wedding favors! Special discounts for batch order. Email us for enquiries now.

(from left to right): Pink Wings, Light Pink Wings

(from left to right): Blue Wings, Blue Wings with Blue Crown

(from left to right): Red Wings, Yellow Wings

(from left to right): Violet Wings, Green Wings

(from left to right): Light Amethyst Wings, Amethyst Wings

(from left to right): Maroon Wings, Black Wings

(from left to right): Light Sapphire Wings, Sapphire Wings

Black Angel with Clear Wings

Except for Angel with black wings, the above Angels also come in wings with Aurore Boreale (AB) coating (this coating makes the wings even more sparkling and gives a rainbow effect under the light), with an additional cost of $1.

Special Angels with AB coated multi colored wings
Price: $11.50

(from left to right): Special Angel (version 1), Special Angel (version 2)

If you prefer to have the angel to hold a clear-coloured stone, customisation is possible.

Keychains & Bookmarks

The Swarovski crystal doll charms can also be used in keychains and bookmarks. We now have very beautiful, detachable keychains and bookmarks. So now you can use the charms as handphone strap charm, or in keychains or bookmarks.


Detachable Bookmark
Price: $3.00 (without doll charm)

(from left to right): Straight Bookmark, Curly Bookmark


Detachable Keychain
Price: $1.50 (without doll charm)

Star Keychain

Wishing Bear

New! Festive Buy!

Height: Around 2.5cm
Price: $15.90

(from left to right): Clear, Brown

(from left to right): Light Pink, White



Height: Around 2.2cm - 2.5cm
Price: $13.90


Brown Dog (version 1)

Brown Dog (version 2)

Brown Dog (version 3)

White Dog

Brown Dog (version 4)

Black & White Dog

Witch on Broom

Hottest Item!

Height: Around 2.8cm
Price: $19.90

Black Witch with Broom

Violet Witch with Broom

Pink Witch with Broom

Red Witch with Broom

Other available color: Blue


Hottest Item!

Price: $19.90

Pink (from left to right): version 1, version 2, version 3 (holding pink tulip)

(from left to right): Violet, Blue, Red

Special Edition! 圣诞小甜甜

Price: $19.90

小甜甜 With 'Pom Pom' body

Price: $15.90